Exposure Science-Industrial Hygiene

Exposure Science-Industrial HygieneExposure Science (ExS) underpins several of the disciplines comprising the Environmental Health Sciences. When applied to occupational health, ExS falls within the domain of Industrial Hygiene (IH). By tradition, the field of IH applies knowledge and principles drawn from the physical and life sciences, engineering, statistics, psychology, and program management to the protection of workers (and the general public) from chemical, biological, and physical agents of disease. Considering IH in the broader context of ExS, the contributions IH professionals are making in modern global society (within and beyond the boundaries of the workplace), and our evolving understanding of health risks as a function of time/life-stage, we have adopted the hybrid term Exposure Science-Industrial Hygiene (ExS-IH) to describe our academic program.


Studying Exposure Science-Industrial Hygiene at U-M:
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To learn about the current research being conducted by ExS-IH faculty, please visit the individual faculty profiles on this website. To learn more about the field of IH or to receive more information about our ExS-IH programs, please contact:

Sue Crawford
Graduate Program Coordinator

Professor Ted Zellers
Exposure Science-Industrial Hygiene Program Director