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The requirements below are for the MPH and MHSA programs only. MS and PhD applicants apply through the Rackham Gradate School. MPH/MHSA applications must include all of the following in order to be considered:

  • 25Average age of U-M SPH master's studentsPhD is 30 years
  1. SOPHAS application form (you may select more than one designation)
  2. Transcripts
  3. SOPHAS Statement of Purpose and Objectives
  4. Reflective Essay*
  5. Letters of recommendation
  6. Official test scores submitted to University of Michigan

*If you are applying to two or more programs, you are required to submit TWO OR MORE SOPHAS Personal Statements. 

Please see SOPHAS instructions for information on submitting the required materials. Note that U-M SPH departments look for different prerequisites and additional information. Refer to department websites.


Applicants must submit official transcripts from any institutions at which they have completed post-secondary coursework directly to SOPHAS. You do not need to submit a second copy of your official transcript to U-M SPH Admissions unless it is requested.

International Transcripts

Individuals submitting transcripts from an international academic institution must first submit their transcripts to World Education Services (WES) for a ICAP credential evaluation. Because this process can take some time, applicants should submit their transcripts to WES at least 1 month prior to the application deadline. WES evaluations should be sent directly to SOPHAS.

Applicants who are residing in the U.S. at the time of application but completed their academic training in a non-U.S. institution must also adhere to this requirement. If the coursework completed abroad was one year or less and is listed on your domestic undergraduate transcript, a WES evaluation is not required.

Essays (both are required)

SOPHAS Statement of Purpose and Objectives:

This statement should be a concise, well-written essay about your educational background and reasons for pursuing a graduate degree in public health, specifically the area of study you wish to follow. This essay should be approximately 1,500 words in length. You should give information about:

  1. Your background as it pertains to your academic and professional goals.
  2. The motivating influences that stimulated interest in your specific discipline.
  3. Your future career goals and objectives.
  4. Indicate how an advanced degree will help to achieve your educational and career objectives.

Reflective Essay:

This essay should be approximately 500 words in length (3,000 character limit). It should provide a brief description of how your personal or academic background and experiences will bring a unique perspective to the program and contribute to a diverse and inclusive U-M SPH community. Please also discuss and explain any unusual patterns or anomalies in your academic or professional record (for example, gaps in work or education, or a poor semester performance).  This essay will be pasted into the Additional Questions section of our programs.

Resume or CV (Recommended):

Applicants may upload a resume or CV directly to SOPHAS via their online application. No cover letter is required.

Letters of Recommendation

We require 3 letters of recommendation from either academic (i.e. a professor) or professional (i.e. a supervisor) sources. We do not accept personal references.

These letters should be submitted electronically via SOPHAS by your recommenders. Once you input your recommender's contact information, SOPHAS will contact them directly with instructions.

Test Scores

All MPH and MHSA applicants must submit test scores. We do not accept the DAT or LSAT.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE): All programs accept General GRE scores taken within the last five years. Test scores should be submitted electronically to institution code 1954 and/or 1839; there is no need to enter a department code. GRE® test scores are valid for five years after the testing year in which you tested.

More information about changes to GRE testing due to the coronavirus pandemic can be found on the GRE website. If your application has been impacted, please reach out to us at

Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is acceptable for all programs except Health Management and Policy and Biostatistics. HMP only accepts MCAT scores from individuals who are eligible for its dual M.D./MPH program. MCAT scores may be submitted electronically to SOPHAS. No code is used.

For applicants whose native language is not English: Please refer to the Language Proficiency Requirements for minimum TOEFL score requirements and information on other English Proficiency Exams accepted. The TOEFL code for the University of Michigan is 1839.

For applicants to the online MPH and MS degree programs in Population and Health Sciences: Applications to these programs require GRE or MCAT scores that are valid at the time of receipt. Applicants who meet the following criteria are eligible to petition to have this requirement waived:

  • Applicants who hold a doctorate from an accredited postsecondary institution, as monitored by the U.S. Department of Education, will have this requirement waived.
  • Applicants with otherwise substantial educational or professional experience, (e.g. 5+ years of experience in a public health-related field), may apply for a standardized testing waiver by submitting transcripts, a current CV or resume, and Waiver Statement that explains the request and unique qualifications. A subcommittee will review your request and confirm or deny your waiver status within 2-4 weeks. To start the waiver request process, please contact

Holistic Application Review for Master of Public Health and Master of Health Services Administration Applicants

Michigan Public Health practices a holistic review process when making graduate student admission decisions.

In the holistic review process, readers give careful consideration to all the credentials presented by the student. They assess the application materials for indicators that the applicant possesses qualities known to contribute to successful completion of the degree program.

Holistic review ensures that no single factor leads to either accepting the student or excluding the student from admission.

The following items are considered during holistic review:

  • Essays (SOPHAS Statement of Purpose and Reflective Essay)
  • Grades and Key Coursework
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Experiences (Examples- Research, Volunteering, Professional Work etc.)
  • Evidence of academic training for rigorous graduate public health curriculum
  • Standardized test score

For information regarding testing accommodations for test takers with disabilities or health related needs visit the Educational Testing Service (ETS) webpage.