Environmental Toxicology And Epidemiology Training Grant - Trainees

Supported by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, NIH

Current Trainees

Predoctoral Graduate Students in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences

Ilona Kabara, MPH
Research interests: Epidemiological and Molecular Etiology of Head and Neck Cancer
Mentor: Laura Rozek, PhD

Amber Cathey, MPH
Research interests: Phthalate and Phthalate Replacement Chemical Exposures, Hormonal Disruption and Birth Outcoms among Pregnant Women in Puerto Rico
Mentor: John Meeker, PhD

Dana Felker
Research interests: Client-Specific Regulation of the Hsp90/Hsp70 Chaperone Machinery: Using Computational and In Vitro Models to Enhance Misfolded Protein Degradation
Mentor: Yoichi Osawa, PhD and Rita Loch-Caruso, PhD

Evan Hill, MS
Research interests:
Mentor: Justin Colacino, PhD

Samantha Lapehn, MS
Research interests: Spatial and Temporal Protein Oxidation and Redox Signaling in Mechanisms of Structural Birth Defects in Mice
Mentor: Craig Harris, PhD

Rachel Morgan, MPH
Research interests:
MentorDana Dolinoy PhD

Postdoctoral Fellows in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences

Miatta Buxton PhD.
Mentor: Karen Peterson, PhD

Sean Harris, PhD.
Mentor: Rita Loch-Caruso, PhD

Pini Perera, PhD.
Mentor: Dana Dolinoy, PhD

Muraly Puttabyatappa, PhD
Mentor: Vasantha Padmanabhan, PhD



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