World Noncommunicable Diseases Congress 2020
7:00 AM

World Noncommunicable Diseases Congress 2020

Theme: Knowledge to Action: Preventing Noncommunicable Diseases at All Levels

August 1-6, 2020
7:00 am - 5:30 pm
University of Michigan: Various Locations (Rackham, North Campus Research Complex, etc)
Sponsored by: University of Michigan (Michigan Medicine) and World Noncommunicable Diseases Federation
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The World NCD Congress 2020, co-organized by the University of Michigan and the World NCD Federation, will assemble stakeholders from around the world and across diverse sectors to address the critical, growing impact of NCDs on the well-being and economies of all nations. The conference will leverage cutting-edge research to inform and catalyze multisectoral actions for reducing the global NCD burden. Two days of high-impact workshops preceding the main conference will cover topics including the principles of learning health systems, the role of big data in identifying trends, comprehensive disease surveillance strategies, big data and predictive analytics for prevention, health system strengthening and intervention evaluation. Within a learning health systems framework, each of the four days comprising the main Congress program will address the evidence base and recommended actions for one or more root causes. One day will focus on the science of Nutrition and Physical Activity; another day will emphasize Stress, Mental Health and Substance Abuse; the third, Social Demographics; the fourth, Climate, Environment and Genetics.

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