Instructional Services

We are a group of professionals charged with assisting SPH faculty and staff with many aspects of teaching, from design to planning, to technology use, to materials (media), to analysis. The overarching goal of this team is to help our School expand its excellent reputation for scholarship by adding to that excellence in teaching. New, but proven, pedagogical approaches, combined with appropriate technology and media, can provide a springboard for reaching this goal faster and without placing undue burden on those who teach.

For questions or help with media, learning technologies, or instructional design, view our knowledge base articles, email us at or send us a message via our contact form.

Our Team

  • Sharon Kardia, Director
  • Frederique Laubepin, Associate Director and Instructional Design Consultant
  • Joanna Kovacevich, Instructional Technology Consultant
  • Monica Rosen, Instructional Designer
  • Sarah Zelner, Instructional Designer
  • Tim Sharp, Graphic Designer
  • Tatum Thornton, Graphic Designer