Learning Technologies

professor recording at a smartboard

When used thoughtfully and effectively, learning technologies can promote student engagement, strengthen relationships, and make the learning experience more accessible to a wider audience. Our consultants can help you learn more about specific tools for teaching and identify which technologies can support your teaching and learning needs.


Canvas is a flexible learning management system that allows instructors to organize their courses, communicate with students, deliver content, create assessments (quizzes, assignments, etc), and structure interactive and participatory learning. In fall of 2016 all course sites will be created in Canvas and there will be no new course sites in CTools.

Our consultants can help you:

  • Transfer courses from CTools to Canvas
  • Understand how Canvas works from the basics to advanced functionality
  • Learn best practices for course design

For news, support materials, training, and documentation, about Canvas at U of M visit the ITS Canvas site.

Contact us or attend a workshop to learn more about Canvas.


See an example of Panopto in actionPanopto is our easy to use lecture capture service that integrates seamlessly with Canvas. According to a recent Educause study, when students were asked which technologies they wanted faculty to use more, lecture capture was ranked highest. Panopto is a great tool for integrating video into a course, facilitating self-paced learning, and allowing students to review difficult concepts. It also can be useful in creating screencasts and training videos.


Email us for help, more information, or for an account if you are using Panopto outside of Canvas.


Want to bring in a guest lecturer via video? Looking to disseminate research findings to a large group? Need to meet with remote team members to collaborate on a project? Bluejeans is a cloud based conferencing service supported by the University. The service allows for audio, video, chat, content sharing, and recording as well as apps to connect from all your mobile devices. Faculty, staff, and students may create a Bluejeans account using your uniquename and Kerberos password.

The ITS Bluejeans page includes documentation and in-depth information about Bluejeans at U of M.

Email sph.classroom@umich.edu to reserve a webcam for a Bluejeans meeting. 

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is another web-conferencing platform available to the SPH community that can be used for everything from online learning, to training, to large scale webinars. In addition to audio, video, chat, content sharing and recording, Adobe Connect also allows for breakout rooms and polling of participants.


Email us to learn more about how Adobe Connect might help you meet your teaching and learning needs and to get started.

Equipment & Technology Lending

The Instructional Services teams lends various types of equipment and technology to support teaching and learning including:

  • Web conferencing headsets
  • Microphones
  • Various video equipment (cameras, tripods, etc.)
  • 2 mobile Lifesize videoconferencing units

Email us to reserve or to help identify what equipment might best serve your needs.