Internship Requirements

U-M SPH Requirements

All MPH students are required, unless instructed by your department, to complete an internship of at least 318 hours. MS and PhD students may choose to have an internship and gain additional hands-on experience; however, this is not a graduation requirement. Most students complete their internship during the summer between first and second year.

Prior to beginning an internship, students must register the information in Career Connection by selecting Profile > SPH Internship Registration. Here is an internship planning worksheet that you can use to gather the details needed to register, along with a step-by-step guide on how to register your internship.

In order to collect feedback, an online preceptor evaluation and student evaluation will be emailed during the internship to learn more about your experience.

Departmental Requirements

The internship is an important part of your curriculum and therefore each department has unique requirements.  Your department will provide you with guidance in identifying internship resources and understanding program requirements.  Should you have questions, your department Program Coordinator can help you to ensure all internship criteria are met and proper steps are followed.

Internship Site Agreements

Ask the internship site if they require a contract or legal agreement with the University of Michigan. If an agreement is required, please share this request with the Career Development Office at least one month before your internship begins.

International Students

For questions regarding your CPT, please contact International Center at least one month before your internship begins.

Before the first day of an internship, the employer may also ask for documentation to confirm:

Identity and work authorization

  • Social Security Number
  • CPT I-20
  • Passport
  • Background
  • Personal ID in original country


  • Diploma (undergrad)
  • Certificate of Graduation (undergrad)
  • Transcripts (undergrad and grad school)

Prior work experience

  • Reference contact information (Office number, email or mobile number) of a reference person currently working in this company
  • First and last pay slips
  • Tax form

Global Internships

Prior to starting your internship abroad, please review the Pre-Departure Checklist and note the following requirements: