MI CReSS Data Reports

Michigan COVID-19 Recovery Surveillance Study Data Report 2: Black-White Differences in Access to Care, Recovery, and the Social Impact of COVID-19 - January 29, 2021

  • Black COVID-19 survivors had a more severe disease course than White respondents. More Black than White respondents reported severe or very severe symptoms (72.9% vs. 60.5%) or required an overnight hospital stay (45.4% vs. 27.9%).
  • Black respondents reported poorer experiences than White respondents when attempting to access COVID-19 care.
    • 8.7% of Black respondents believed their experiences seeking healthcare were worse than people from other races, while 18.9% of White respondents believed their experiences were better than people from other races.
    • 10.6% of Black respondents (vs. 1.6% of White respondents) reported that their COVID-19 testing or treatment made them feel emotionally upset due to how they were treated based on their race.
  • More Black respondents reported increased social stressors since the start of the pandemic, with 25.6% being unable to pay important bills like mortgage, rent, or utilities (vs. 10.3% of White respondents).
  • More Black respondents (23.0%) were afraid to disclose their COVID-19 status to their friends or family than White respondents (9.8%).