Four Michigan Public Health Faculty Named Professors of Global Public Health

In January, the University of Michigan School of Public Health welcomed its second cohort of University of Michigan Professors of Global Health. The professorships, approved by the Board of Regents and effective January 1, and are held for three years.

“The creation of Global Public Health Professorships represents yet one more way for the School of Public Health to demonstrate its strong commitment to global health while also highlighting the outstanding work of our faculty in preventing illness and improving health around the world,” said Matthew Boulton, senior associate dean for global public health at Michigan Public Health. 

For over 50 years, faculty at the School of Public Health have worked on research projects around the world. There are currently 85 faculty members working on research projects in more than 70 countries.

“The four faculty approved for this appointment have demonstrated substantial experience and sustained contributions to global public health research, training, education and practice,” said Cathleen Connell, interim dean of the School of Public Health.

The faculty members include:

Jersy LiangJersey Liang

Professor of Global Public Health and Health Management and Policy 

Liang specializes in comparative social gerontology and medical sociology with a focus on health dynamics, quality of life, and geriatric care.

Rafael MezaRafael Meza

Associate Professor of Global Public Health and Epidemiology 

Meza studies cancer risk assessment, cancer epidemiology and mathematical modeling of chronic and infectious disease dynamics and its applications in public health policy.

Rick NeitzelRick Neitzel

Associate Professor of Global Public Health and Environmental Health Sciences 

Neitzel focuses on the characterization and adverse health effects of exposures to noise, heavy metals and other ototoxins, psychosocial stressors, and injury risk factors.

Mark WilsonMark Wilson

Professor of Global Public Health and Epidemiology 

Wilson studies infectious diseases, including the analysis of transmission dynamics, the evolution of vector-host-parasite systems, and the determinants of human risk.

Nominations and applications for the next cycle of Professors of Global Public Health are due June 1, 2018. Department chairs will be notified via email regarding the process. For additional questions, please contact Amy Sarigiannis, Office of Global Public Health, at