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Let's Continue the Conversation about Mental Health and Suicide

Traci Carson

The recent deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain have sparked media and public dialogue about mental health and suicide. PhD Candidate Traci Carson explores how continuing the conversation is vital to building and improving mental health support and resources. Read more

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Building Success in Community-Based Participatory Research Partnerships

Brianna Jacobs

MPH student Brianna Jacobs shares what she learned participating as a student research assistant on the Measurement Approaches to Partnership Success (MAPS) Project, an affiliated project of the Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center (Detroit URC). Read more

Backyard Statistics

Working in Everyone's Backyard: Statistics in the Community

Stephen Salerno

Statistics in the Community is a community outreach organization offering the expertise of statistics graduate students—free of charge—to nonprofit organizations. They design studies, develop better data collection instruments, and analyze data for public good. Read more

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Changing the Culture Around Fat-Talk

Lenora Goodman

As National Mental Health Awareness Week continues, Registered Dietitian Lenora Goodman explores the mental and physical health ramifications of ‘fat-talk’, and provides recommendations for changing the conversation around weight, eating, and health. Read more