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FDA Approves HPV Vaccine for Those Up to Age 45

Nina Masters, MPH ‘18

The FDA recently approved an HPV vaccine called Gardasil 9 for individuals up to age 45. Why is this important and how might this expanded age range affect relatively low uptake rates for this cancer-preventing vaccine? Read more


3 Ways Public Health Professionals Can Combat Weight Stigma

Kendrin Sonneville and Katherine Bauer

While public health professionals frequently take pride in their commitment to social justice and equity, weight bias and size diversity are rarely discussed. Two Michigan Public Health researchers offer some ways to work toward eliminated weight stigma. Read more

Dr. Denis Mukwege

Denis Mukwege, the Nobel Peace Prize, and the Suffering of Congolese Women

Siobán Harlow

A Nobel Peace Prize for Dr. Denis Mukwege brings to the fore the upstream factors that create conditions for sexual violence, such as trafficking in minerals essential to the electronic devices we use every day. Read more


Being Healthy Without Dieting

Sean Bolourchi

Though they promise fast results, research shows calorie-restricted diets aren’t the most effective ways to lose weight. Recent graduate Sean Bolourchi explores the science behind fast-track diets and explores alternatives that provide more long-term health improvements. Read more