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Why Are Sexually Transmitted Infections on the Uptick and What Can We Do?

Laura Power, MPH ’15

Rates of infection for diseases like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis have been surprisingly high in recent years. How can we get better at preventing and treating STIs, and what other information do we need to protect ourselves and our communities? Read more

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The Burden of Heart Disease among Arab Americans in Michigan

Latifa Bazzi

Research on heart disease burden among Arab Americans in Michigan indicates significant disparities across the population, but a lack of data about Arab Americans limits the effectiveness of public health interventions to address these disparities. Read more


What's a Biobank, and How Can My Health Record Support Research?

Max Salvatore and Lauren Beesley

Advances in genetic science provide us more and more information about our health. Biobanks are increasing the organization of that data so we can ask and answer crucial health questions more rapidly, from diseases we might have to how we might respond to certain drug treatments. Read more


Who's Smoking Now, and Why It Matters

Ken Warner

1 of every 7 adults still smokes. And smoking kills nearly 500,000 Americans every year. That number exceeds the total of all deaths caused by opioids and other drugs, alcohol, motor vehicle injuries, homicide, suicide, HIV/AIDS, and fires. What populations are most affected by smoking? What can be done to prevent smoking related deaths? Read more