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illustration of a healthcare system


How Global Health Work Can Inform and Help Transform the US Health Care System

Abagail Edwards

Underserved communities around the globe create their own innovative solutions to health care problems. How can we use the insights and knowledge from public health partners in these communities to develop better functioning health care systems here in the US? Read more

URC Symposium

Fostering Health Equity through Community-Based Participatory Research

Katherine Corbit

Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) is a well-established research approach that emphasizes equity by utilizing organizing principles and integrating community within every aspect of the research process. Master's student Katherine Corbit explores CBPR and its critical importance to building and ensuring health equity. Read more

Solitary Confinement in a Prison

Solitary Confinement of Adolescents: A Mental Health Crisis

Madison Polay, BS '19

Though an Obama-era executive order prohibits solitary confinement of juveniles in the federal prison system, in part because of negative mental health implications, state prison systems not subject to federal regulation continue to isolate minors. Michigan Public Health graduate Madison Polay explores the issue and the need for critical policy change. Read more

illustration of a microscope, and a magnifying glass studying a DNA sample

Tracking a Killer: Disease Behavior and Epidemiology's Detective Tools

Betsy Foxman

You don't have to know an organism to track its effects. This fundamental insight into the relationship between humans and pathogens helps public health professionals act even when they have only imperfect information. Just as importantly, says Betsy Foxman, is the will to act—for the benefit of everyone in the community—when good science tells us the time is now. Read more