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Seedlings in small pots ready for planting


Sustainable Food Systems for Public Health

Travertine Orndorff Garcia

Despite its interdisciplinary nature, public health tends to approach food systems problems in isolation. But occupational exposures, social determinants, personal behaviors, and chronic disease are interdependent, meaning food-systems solutions require deep, broad collaborations. Read more

Hands sliding vegetable scraps from a cutting board into a compost bin

Trash to Treasure: The Incredible Benefits of Composting

Pahriya Ashrap and Amber Cathey

Composting cuts down on the amount of trash we produce and the costs of hauling it, enriches our soil, and sequesters carbon. Take another look at the natural process of composting and how it can help combat climate change and improve your home garden. Read more

construction worker working on a roof

Labor Organizing: An Unexpected Avenue to Health Equity

Leah R. Abrams, MPH ’17

Inequities in socioeconomic status or class are an essential cause of health differences in the US. On the surface, labor organizations might not appear to be about public health, but any group that aims to reduce social inequality is ultimately helping to reduce health disparities. Read more

healthy food choices

Don't Fixate on Fifteen: Healthy Lifestyle Choices for College Freshmen

Ngan Nguyen

Between classes, studying, interacting with peers, engaging in student organizations, sleeping, and many other activities, it can be difficult for college students to make healthy eating choices and lead a balanced life. Focusing more on habits than on weight can help create a healthier lifestyle. Read more