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Structural Racism: Causes of Health Inequities in the U.S.

Racial health disparities - differences in health outcomes based on race - are rampant in the U.S., and many incorrectly assume these are due to differences in behavior or genetics. To understand these differences, and ultimately identify solutions to eliminate these disparities, we need to dig deeper and look at the root causes. This course will explore some of those causes, including the racial inequities embedded in the policies and practices of our socio-political institutions, the history of how race has been used to oppress or uplift of different groups, and the manners of violence used to reinforce racial inequities. Learners will be guided through these examinations in order to gain a deeper understanding of why health disparities exist in the U.S. and what will be necessary to eliminate these disparities.

In this course, learners are offered the opportunity to practice advocacy skills through the creation of writing products intended to convince decision-makers to change their perspective. To fix the problem we need to accurately diagnose it, and this course will help learners diagnose the root causes of the problem.

Type of Course: MOOC - Single course

Instructor(s): Melissa Creary; Paul Fleming; William Lopez;

Platform: Coursera

Duration: 3 weeks

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