Tuition costs for Non-Credit
Courses Cost
One, three-week course $1100.00
Two, three-week courses $1500..00
Each one-week course $650.00
*Less 25% Discount-3 Cluster credits  -$487.50
*Less 25% Discount-4 Cluster credits  -$650.00
Tuition costs for University of Michigan Graduate Credit *
Courses Cost
One credit hour $1801.00
Two credit hours $3410.00
Three credit hours $5019.00
Four credit hours $6628.00
Five or more credit hours $8237.00
*Less 25% Discount-3 Cluster credits -$1254.75
*Less 25% Discount-4 Cluster credits -$1657.00
Mandatory Fees $82.10

*25% discount applies to these courses only:
  EPID 780 , EPID 708, EPID 720 and/or EPID 721 when taken together in a cluster of three or more

  EPID 703, EPID 730 (two credits) and EPID 793 (two credits) when taken together in a cluster of three or more. 

  Special pricing requires that these courses be taken for graduate credit or non-credit, not a combination of both tuition      structures.

  Due to schedling, it is not possible to receive a discount from both clusters. 

*Current University of Michigan students are assessed at their current tuition rate.