Internship Support

The University of Michigan School of Public Health Careers Team helps students in their ongoing professional development. The Careers Team can support students in preparing  application materials, including resumes/CVs, cover letters, personal statements, etc., for positions and funding requests. They can also help with networking, informational interviews, interview preparation (including mock interviews), and negotiations once students secure a position. 

  • View the Careers Portal for more information and schedule an appointment.
  • Visit The Heights A padlock for more information on how to find an internship. 

*While students at all levels are welcome to explore and complete internship opportunities, most opportunities are geared toward master's students and fulfilling curriculum requirements

Academic Department and Program Support

Each department has a unique system in place to support students. Connect with your Department Program Coordinator to learn more. Below are a few department-specific resources: 

Advisors/Faculty: More than a quarter of internships are found through the help of advisors or departmental faculty. Network and let them know what you are looking for and ask for any contacts.

Visit School of Public Health Faculty Profiles, Centers and Initiatives, and Research Projects to see which contacts you should reach out to regarding potential internships.

Office of Global Public Health

The Office of Global Health at the School of Public Health fosters a collaborative and coordinated approach to global health research and activities across all departments in the school. They provide and promote many funding opportunities, including the following:

Internship Transition & Supplemental Fund

This award is meant to help ease the burden for students who need more support to make the internship financially feasible.

Women’s Health Internship Fund

The Office for Student Engagement and Practice (OSEP) consists of several units that collectively support Michigan Public Health students in all aspects of their journey. To support students with internships, OSEP has a Women’s Health Internship Fund. 

Region V Public Health Training Center Funding

The Region V Public Health Training Center provides funding for undergraduate and graduate student summer internships.

Rackham Graduate School Support (MS, PhD)

The University of Michigan's Rackham Graduate School currently offers these internship funding programs and is developing new mechanisms for internship support.