Masters Level Internship Funding Program

Request for Proposals

  • 200K Over $200,000 awarded to MPH students in 2019

Deadline: February 14, 2020



Overseas internships can be an excellent means to prepare for a future career in global health. Acquisition of hands-on, applied experience in the field can often make the difference in qualifying a young professional for a global health job. The Office of Global Public Health (OGPH) at the School of Public Health supports student research, applied service, management, and policy internships as a means to develop important global health skills and competencies. The Office of Global Public Health is responsible for SPH School-level awards for internships in global health. We cannot support every student -- funding is competitive. We have a great interest in supporting internships that present a significant opportunity for students to learn and grow. We have identified several factors that will strengthen a request for funding. They include internships:

  • with a well-established project, particularly but not limited to those at an institution or agency with an existing relationship with the School of Public Health, or other schools and colleges in the University of Michigan;
  • that will offer substantial mentoring and guidance from UM faculty and/or mentors in the destination country;
  • located in regions or areas where there is a reasonable expectation of safety and security;
  • that offer the student with prior overseas experience an opportunity for further growth and new experiences; OR, that offer a significant, first-time overseas opportunity to gain solid skills and experience;
  • that show evidence that the student can successfully operate in the main or official language of the country visited;
  • that show evidence that the submitted budget is cost-conscious and likely to be cost-effective;
  • that show evidence of ongoing interest in global health such as successful completion of courses in Global Health offered in the School;
  • that show evidence of application to several sources of funding

Historically, we have supported internships in low-, middle-, and high-income countries and expect to continue this practice. At the same time, we are particularly interested in focusing on efforts that contribute to capacity building in low- and middle-income countries.

To be considered for support, internships must be a minimum of 8 weeks in duration in country. Depending on the mix and quality of applications received, we will, to the extent feasible, distribute funds equitably among SPH departments; over various regions; and in support of as many different projects as possible.

Funding ceilings are based on the region of travel. The maximum amounts that may be requested, by region, are:

  • Latin America/Caribbean: $3500
  • Africa/MENA/Asia/Europe $4500

There are several potential sources for funding in the School and larger university: we encourage you to apply for funds from your Department and from other University offices and programs. Our application includes questions on whether you have applied for and/or received other funding. Sharing your costs between two or more funding sources will enable us to distribute our resources, supporting more opportunities in Global Public Health. After you have submitted your application, you are required to inform us at if you receive other award(s) from any source within one week of your being so notified. Failure to provide such timely notification may result in your GPH funding reward being rescinded in its entirety.

In view of the Office of Global Public Health's desire to support internships on as many different projects as reasonably possible, when considering internships with UM Faculty, we suggest you discuss with the faculty member how many other students will be requesting support to participate. Having three or more students requesting funding for the same project may decrease the probability for each individual student applicant of receiving funding.

Please be aware that all UM students planning international internships are required to purchase International Travel Insurance and register their internship travel at the UM Travel Registry, regardless of whether or not their internships are funded through the University of Michigan. The Vice Provost for International Affairs, based on recommendations from the International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC), is responsible for determining which destinations are under a University Travel Warning or University Travel Restriction. View an updated listing of these destinations . In consideration of the ever changing status of world events, students are required to submit a  written safety plan to the Office of Global Public Health prior to travel. If the destination is among those under warning or restriction, the safety plan must be submitted to and approved by ITOC with request for exception to travel to destinations subject to a University Travel Warning. Please see the updated policy. If approved, these students will be required to submit an Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability and Financial Obligation form to ITOC.

Applications, including both the online form and the supporting documents (see below), must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. EST on February 14, 2020. Your application will not be considered complete until all documents are uploaded and you submit, by clicking the "submit" button.

Completing the Application

Apply Now

After completing the online application form, you must submit the following attachments by uploading, in pdf format, to the application site:

  • a two page proposal describing the internship, including your specific role in the work project, who will provide your day-to-day supervision, and what you expect to learn or accomplish
  • a letter of invitation to the project or program (can be e-mailed from an official e-mail domain, or sent by attachment on letterhead)
  • UM SPH transcript (unofficial)
  • screen shot or printout of your proposed travel ticket
  • travel itinerary
  • budget, using our template

You must complete the application by the deadline, but you do not have to complete it in one sitting, as you can log back in to continue your work. Once the application is submitted, it cannot be changed.

Please consider attending the Global Public Health Funding Proposal Workshop (event details to come) for more details on application requirements and help planning and assembling a strong application. Office of Global Public Health staff will also announce "Office Hours" sessions designed to assist you in developing a viable internship, budget, or proposal. Dates and space is limited – so please watch the weekly e-newsletter for those dates and details. We are not able to review complete finished proposals.

If you have applied to a formal internship that will not notify prior to the February 14 proposal deadline, you may still apply. Funds can only be applied to the internship described in your funding proposal. See the SPH Office of Global Pubilc Health NGO Internship Funding webpage for instructions.