Ph.D. Student Profile

Andrea  Sosa Moreno, MS

Andrea Sosa Moreno, MS

  • Doctoral Student


MS, Epidemiology, Michigan State University, 2019
Biotechnology Engineering, Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ), 2015

Research Interests & Projects

I am interested in tracking emerging diseases to understand the interactions of pathogens, host and environment. I am also interested in assessing how those infectious disease transmission patterns change over time and space. I have previously collaborated in projects assessing antibiotic resistance and screening for infectious diseases at clinical settings.

Selected Publications

  • Sosa-Moreno A, Reinoso-González S, Mendez MA (2020) Anemia in women of reproductive age in Ecuador: Data from a national survey. PLoS ONE 15(9): e0239585.
  • Sosa-Moreno A, Narita M, Spitters C, Swetky M, Podczervinski S, Lind ML, Holmberg L, Liu C, Edelstein R, Pergam SA, A Targeted Screening Program for Latent Tuberculosis Infection Among Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Recipients, Open Forum Infectious Diseases, Volume 7, Issue 7, July 2020, ofaa224,
  • Sosa-Moreno A, Comstock SS, Sugino KY, Ma TF, Paneth N, Davis Y, et al. (2020) Perinatal risk factors for fecal antibiotic resistance gene patterns in pregnant women and their infants. PLoS ONE 15(6): e0234751.
  • Chiriboga, J., Barragan, V., Arroyo, G., Sosa-Moreno, A., Birdsell, D., España, K., Mora, A., Espín, E., Mejía, M., Morales, M., Pinargote, C., Gonzalez, M., Hartskeerl, R., Keim, P., Bretas, G., Eisenberg, J., Trueba, G. (2015). High Prevalence of Intermediate Leptospira DNA in Febrile Humans from Urban and Rural Ecuador. Infectious Disease. Vol 21. Number 12.