About Epidemiology

The mission of the Department of Epidemiology is to contribute to the reduction of the disease burden in human populations through research, education, and service.

Our research mission is met by study into the risk of disease associated with inherent, acquired, social, and environmental factors, and by the development and application of methods to alleviate that risk ranging from primary prevention through service provision to modification of social systems. Faculty and students pursue this mission through research projects conducted both by individuals and by multidisciplinary teams.

Research training at the Department of Epidemiology includes:

  • the design of population studies
  • the collection and analysis of data;
  • the interpretation of empirical findings and application to public health practice; and
  • the development and maintenance of surveillance systems to monitor health problems and hazards in target populations.

This training emphasis holds whether the research is conducted in the laboratory, the community, clinical settings, or through the use of archival records or computer simulations.

The department’s service mission requires that faculty and students provide service as advisors and consultants to health professionals and agencies at the state, national, and international levels.

Contact Information

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Student Services Coordinator: Elvira Rivera, eromero@umich.edu

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