LEO Instructors

The 2022-2023 Academic Year LEO Instructor list will be updated as staffing changes are made.

Andrew Brouwer

Andrew Brouwer, PhD, MS, MA
Mathematical modeling; infectious disease, especially environmentally transmitted diseases; cancer, especially those related to HPV or other infectious etiologies; parameter identifiability.

Miatta BuxtonMiatta Buxton, PhD, MPH
Maternal and child health, inflammation, cervico-vaginal and systemic cytokines, environmental epidemiology, maternal nutrition, maternal and child health disparities, global health and low resource settings.

Image Placeholder Peter Larson

Dominique PersonDominique Person, MA, BS

Image PlaceholderScott Ratliff, MS, B.S.
Linear and nonlinear modeling applied to epidemiologic research, genetic epidemiology

Abram WagnerAbram Wagner, PhD, MPH
Vaccine hesitancy; epidemiology of vaccine-preventable diseases; China; global health