Health Behavior and Health Education

Sarah Feldman sitting on a couch

A daughter's promise

Doctoral candidate is shaping field of dementia research

For University of Michigan School of Public Health doctoral student Sara Feldman, dementia isn’t just something she studies, it’s something she lives as a full-time caregiver. Today, she’s working to give future families living with dementia one of the greatest gifts of all: choice.

urban landscape

New interdisciplinary initiative to tackle major public health issues

Between infectious and noncommunicable diseases, climate change, violence, and countless other issues, city dwellers face unprecedented social, financial, environmental, and physical challenges that impact health and safety. And in urban and rural areas alike, firearm violence and injury continue to plague communities, becoming one of the most persistent and pressing public health crises in the US.

Gary Harper, Molly Mulcahy, Cleo Caldwell and Brandon, University of Michigan School of Public Health

Public Health Leadership in Teaching and Diversity

Students, faculty, and staff across the School of Public Health are committed to providing excellent teaching and other student experiences and to ensuring Michigan Public Health is an inclusive community for all.

Cafe, University of Michigan School of Public Health

Back on Campus: Michigan's Student Leaders

Students led us through the lockdown phase of the pandemic with positive attitudes, exemplary flexibility, and an intense work ethic. They’re leading us now as we return to hybrid forms of teaching, learning, and research.