Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship is dedicated to creating spaces that broaden the possibilities and opportunities for innovation in Public Health. We do this by embracing human-centered design and deliberately collaborative practices to build bridges between the academy and the market in order to create dramatic improvements to the public's health.

We adopt a "How Might We" approach to our work. The brilliance of the How Might We process is that each word in the three-word phrase plays an important role. The how assumes there is a solution out there for us to unlock. The might suggests that ideas we put out there have potential (or might not) and the we suggests that no matter what we are going to do this together.

From developing student entrepreneurial ventures to facilitating Design Sprints for research groups, we thrive on convening teams whose work is changing the world.

If you have a small question or a big idea, please get in touch and let us know how we can help! Email us:

Learn more about our upcoming Innovation Studio Summer Internships, as well as past intern projects, here.



 Inside "Innovation in Action"

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the Innovation in Action Competition and hear from student participants from the 2013-14 competition.

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