Nutritional Sciences pursues new knowledge about diet and human nutrition to improve public health and advance our understanding of contemporary nutrition issues. There is growing national and global interest in nutritional sciences, with intensifying research and scholarship related to topics like obesity, chronic disease risks, food safety and security, global hunger and undernutrition, and the environmental and health impacts of agriculture.

At Michigan Public Health, you'll conduct collaborative, interdisciplinary research that provides innovative solutions to a variety of nutrition-related problems. From nutrigenomics and epigenetics to the clinical and community translation of nutritional sciences, our faculty provide a breadth of knowledge, skills, research opportunities, and field experience to students seeking a robust curriculum in cellular, physiological, epidemiological, global, and public health nutrition.

Get to Know Nutritional Sciences 

Jill Schaefer, MPH candidate in Nutritional Sciences pursuing a dual degree with the School of Social Work, interned in an intergenerational program in Chelsea, Michigan.

Nutritional Sciences student Kate McManus and HBHE student Hadlee Garrison interned with Food Gatherers, a food rescue and food bank program serving Washtenaw County. 

Christian Mackey, an MPH student in Nutritional Sciences, interned with Project Healthy Schools, a collaborative between the University of Michigan and several communities around the state.

Cody Cousineau, an MPH student in Nutritional Sciences, helped athletes achieve healthy diets to enhance their performance during his sports nutrition internship at Eastern Michigan University.

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