Putting oncologists out of business

Putting oncologists out of business

Leigh Pearce discusses her team's cancer research at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, emphasizing prevention and early detection of ovarian, breast, and cervical cancers. She also mentions the MI-CARES project, which is studying environmental impacts on cancer risk for Michigan residents.

A data driven fairytale

Bhramar Mukherjee: A data-driven fairytale

Professor Bhramar Mukherjee explains how biostatistics helps make sense of big data for medical prevention and treatment and how she encourages her students to stay patient, optimistic, and attuned to their inner voices in their pursuits.

Weight stigma

Weight stigma and redefining healthy

Discover the harmful impact of weight-centric perspectives in public health with Kendrin Sonneville, associate professor of Nutritional Sciences. She discusses weight stigma and why she advocates for a weight-inclusive approach to public health.

Boy looking out window

The invisible impacts of air pollution

In this episode, we explore the air we breathe and its implications on our well-being. Sara Adar, an environmental epidemiologist and associate professor at Michigan Public Health, unpacks the problem of air pollution, offering insights into its daily impact on our lives.

Illustration of a person on a boat saying purpose in the water.

Vic Strecher: Living with purpose

Vic Strecher, a professor renowned for his work in digital health, discusses the concept of purpose. Drawing from personal loss and research, he explains how a strong sense of purpose can lead to a longer life, with improved emotional and physical wellbeing.

reproductive justice

Abortion access and reproductive justice - Part 1

In the last year, abortion access and reproductive rights have been a key issue in politics and the national discourse. We spoke with our experts about the health outcomes of limiting access to this care and why abortion is a public health issue.