Season Four

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The ramifications of health care worker burnout

For thousands of health care workers around the world, dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has been non-stop for two years and counting. From dealing with illness themselves, to experiencing burnout, or even leaving the field altogether, we want to understand the toll on our health care workforce. In this episode, we'll explore the ripple effects of COVID's impact for these workers, and what potential solutions exist.

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Exploring another pandemic: HIV/AIDS

We take a look at the HIV/AIDS pandemic, its history, associated issues like stigma and access to treatment, and what the lives of people with HIV/AIDS look like now.

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Healthier people need healthier foods

When people have access to better quality, more nutritious foods, their risk of disease decreases. However, for many, there are a number of barriers to accessing the kinds of foods that support good health. But food availability isn’t only one issue that our modern food systems can create. Getting the food to your plate can entail large-scale production that may have a big environmental footprint. Understanding more about how our food is produced can help us make food choices that are better for our individual health and for the environment. In this episode, learn about the impact our food production systems can have on both human health and the environment around us. We’ll also explore how one health department is leveraging local farms and produce to facilitate good health by using food as medicine.

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What do health departments do?

The pandemic highlighted the important role health departments play in communities large and small. But the role of a health department extends well beyond pandemic response. Assessing water quality, ensuring restaurants are following food safety practices, ensuring health care access and more. Health departments manage many health-related priorities to improve the lives of community members. In this episode, learn about the ways health departments protect the health of their communities through their services and the need to build a strong public health infrastructure. We’ll also talk to individuals working in health departments to learn how their work impacts the communities they serve.