Research Projects

Michigan Public Health research productivity is at an all-time high, in terms of dollars awarded and depth and breadth of involvement with the health issues facing the world's 6 billion people. Our faculty, students, and research scientists pursue a wide range of initiatives, from the macromolecular to the global policy level. In labs and in the field, our researchers are studying parasites and toxins, tracking emerging diseases, analyzing data, developing intervention strategies to alter behavior that predisposes individuals to health risks, and pioneering policy to give greater access to health care and prevention services.

Research by Department

Student Research

Our students are the change agents of tomorrow—they will become the professionals who will make discoveries, develop policy, devise workable solutions to the big problems of our time, and change the way we think about health.

My Pursuit

Michigan Public Health students and alumni share their paths to pursuing public health, and what drives them in the work they do. Watch the video