3 Week Courses

Personal Computers:
A laptop computer is essential and required for enrolled students (tablets or other similar devices are also suitable). We recognize computers to be an extension of the learning tools needed to successfully participate in our courses. Course materials for most courses will be available digitally via the University's Canvas course learning management system.

709 classroom

EPID 701 Fundamentals of Biostatistics
(3 credit hours) Hui Jiang
This course presents statistical methods and principles necessary for understanding and interpreting data used in public health and clinical research, implementation of processes and their evaluation, and policy formation. We will study, both through formal lectures and reading of publications from the American Journal of Public Health, several statistical methods, including descriptive statistics, risk estimation, sampling, probability, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, correlation, linear regression, and logistic regression. Students will have the opportunity to analyze actual data relevant to public health, using both Excel and R. Prerequisite: General algebra. Syllabus for EPID 701

EPID 709 Fundamentals of Epidemiology
(3 credit hours) Alison Mondul
This course will provide participants with an understanding of basic concepts and methods of epidemiology. The course will familiarize students with specific methods and quantitative techniques for describing patterns of disease and for elucidating disease etiology. Applications of epidemiology to certain areas of public health such as screening as an approach to disease control will be illustrated. The course will be based on lectures, discussions, assigned readings, and problem-solving. Students are required to bring hand calculators to class. Prerequisite: Previous or concurrent course in introductory biostatistics is strongly recommended. Syllabus for EPID 709