Readings about Writing

The Science of Scientific Writing (PDF, 09-10-2013)
An important article (although slightly dry) on how to communicate complex ideas in clear language. Very helpful suggestions. Highly recommended

Right your Writing (04-10-2012)
Practical tips for writing for graduate students and faculty. This site gives a nice list of simple and unobtrusive ways students can help themselves to write better.

The Art of Writing Science (Plaxco, 2010) (PDF, 04-10-2012)
In this essay, a department chair in chemistry describes what makes scientific writing successful.

Tips on Scientific Writing (PDF, 09-10-2013)
A one page handout on scientific writing.

Some Thoughts on Writing in the Sciences (04-10-2012)
Written from the perspective of a professor of geology, this text describes common writing difficulties graduate students need to overcome to write (and publish) successfully in the sciences.

Comments on Passive Voice from the Journal Nature (04-10-2012)
Here, three readers of Nature take up a conversation about writing in the sciences, concerns about clarity, and the role of passive voice in scientific writing.

Passive Voice in Scientific Writing (02-15-2014)
Further discussion on the use of passive voice in scientific writing, including the historical rationales, misperceptions, and the problems with its use.

Tips for Setting up a Dissertation Writing Group (PDF, 05-15-2012)
Practical strategies for developing a dissertation writing group, including guidelines for establishing goals and directing feedback.

How to read a Scientific Paper (PDF, 09-23-2013)
A very helpful article if you need to do lots of reading in a hurry or are preparing to write a review article. It ends with a useful note-taking template.