Writing Models


Genre is a term used to describe kinds of writing that share similar characteristics in terms of audience, purpose, organization, and situation.

Analysis of the kinds of moves writers make when writing a specific genre is often helpful for writers new to a kind of writing or even new to a language to meet the expectations of that genre.


The aim of this site is to provide writers in the School of Public Health with contemporary and relevant models of successful writing in the most common genres in the school. Each link at the side will take you to a page that discusses some of the general conventions of the genre and a model for writers to follow. Note, each pdf model contains annotations that intend to "walk the reader through" the kinds of thinking and choices the writers engaged when writing. In order to read these annotations and to follow them as models in your own writing, you will need to download the pdfs.

Note about downloading sample papers: You must download the paper completely and open it as a PDF (not in your browser) to read the descriptions of the writers' moves that you can model in your own writing. These pdfs are intended only for students of SPH and only as instructional models for their writing.