Ph.D. Student Profile

Berhanu G. Gebremeskel, MD, MPH

Berhanu G. Gebremeskel, MD, MPH

  • Doctoral Student


MD, Addis Ababa University School of Medicine, Ethiopia
MPH in Quantitative Methods (Epidemiology& Biostatistics)
Harvard School of Public Health 

Research Interests & Projects

Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Vaccine Preventable Diseases
Global Health

Selected Publications

  • Boulton ML, Carlson BF, Wagner AL, Porth JM, Gebremeskel B, Abeje Y (2019) Vaccination timeliness among newborns and infants in Ethiopia. PLoS ONE 14(2): e0212408
  • Gebremeskel BG, Teklu AM, Gebremedhin LT, et al. Structured integration of family planning curriculum: Comparative assessment of knowledge and skills among new medical graduates in Ethiopia. Contraception (2018).98:89-94 DOI: 10.1016/j.contraception.2018.04.001
  • Gebremeskel BG, Zhang D, Goveia MG, Marshall GS, O’Brien MA. Vaccine Coverage for U.S. Infants at Milestone Ages: Missed Opportunities for Vaccination. J Pediatric Infect Dis Soc. 2016.
  • Kawai K, Gebremeskel BG, Acosta CJ. Systematic review of incidence and complications of herpes zoster: towards a global perspective. BMJ open. 2014;4(6):e004833.
  • Al Awaidy ST, Gebremeskel BG, Al Obeidani I, Al Baqlani S, Haddadin W, O’Brien MA. Cost effectiveness of a pentavalent rotavirus vaccine in Oman. BMC infectious diseases. 2014;14(1):1.
  • Asfawesen GY, Solomie J, Bisirat T, Berhanu GM, Mebratu B, Rahlenbeck S. Outcome in a paediatric cohort receiving ART in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Acta Paediatr. Aug 2011;100(8):1164-1167.