Ph.D. Student Profile

Omar  Pedraza, MPH, BA

Omar Pedraza, MPH, BA

  • Doctoral Student


MPH, Drexel Dornsife School of Public Health, Philadelphia, 2015
BA, Haverford College, Haverford, 2012

Research Interests & Projects

My current research interest is broadly examining the role that social connectedness and sense of belonging have on outcomes such as self-worth, wellness, and mental health. Furthermore, I want to better understand the factors that help foster a sense of community among people. 

Selected Publications

Marshall-Aiyelawo, K., Gliner, M., Pedraza, O., Beekman, J., Messinger, S., & Roshwalb, A. (2023). Patient Experience in Obstetrics in a Military Patient Satisfaction Survey: Findings and Recommendations for Improvement. Military medicine, 188(5-6), e1207-e1213.

Beekman, J., Keisler, A., Pedraza, O., Haramura, M., Gianella-Borradori, A., Katz, E., Ratchford, J.N., Barron, B., Cook, L.J., Behne, J.M., Blaschke, T.F., Smith, T.J., & Yeaman, M.R. (2019). Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder patient experience and quality of life. Neurol Neuroimmunol Neuroinflamm, 6(4).

Egleston, B. L., Pedraza, O., Wong, Y. N., Griffin, C. L., Ross, E. A., & Beck, J. R. (2018). Temporal trends and characteristics of clinical trials for which only one racial or ethnic group is eligible. Contemporary clinical trials communications, 9, 135-142.

Egleston, B. L., Pedraza, O., Wong, Y. N., Dunbrack, R. L., Griffin, C. L., Ross, E. A., & Beck, J. R. (2015). Characteristics of clinical trials that require participants to be fluent in English. Clinical Trials, 12(6), 618-626.