About the U-M SPH Department of Nutritional Sciences

Nutrition has become a topic of growing national and global interest especially in the past decade, with intensifying research and scholarship related to topics like obesity, chronic disease risks, food safety and security, global hunger and undernutrition and the environmental and health impacts of agriculture. The interdisciplinary nature of these issues, and the multi-dimensional and collaborative study and problem-solving related to them, is a hallmark of the University of Michigan Nutritional Sciences program. Researchers and other experts are creating and applying new knowledge about diet and human nutrition to improve public health and to advance our understanding of contemporary nutrition issues. 

From nutrigenomics and epigenetics to the clinical and community translation of nutritional science, the faculty at the University of Michigan School of Public Health provide a breadth of knowledge, skills, research opportunities, and hands-on experiences to students who are seeking a robust curriculum and educational experience in cellular, physiological, epidemiological, global, and public health nutrition.

Degrees and Programs

*Dietetics coursework can also accompany the MS and PhD degrees

The Department of Nutritional Sciences also offers a fully accredited full-time or part-time dietetic internship.

Nutritional Sciences Prerequisites

  • Calculus (1 semester) is only required for the MS and PhD degrees
  • Inorganic/general chemistry 1 semester, lab not required
  • Organic chemistry 1 semester, lab not required
  • Biochemistry 1 semester 
  • Human Physiology or Anatomy and Physiology 1 semester of either but must be human 
  • No lab required

Nutritional Sciences at a Glance

Contact Information

Nutritional Sciences Faculty Directory

Department of Nutritional Sciences
School of Public Health
University of Michigan
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Program Manager: Susan Aaronson

Student Services Coordinator: Carole Durgy