Dietetic Internship Program FAQ

What is a “pre-select” program?

We grant early admission to 2nd year students currently enrolled in a master’s program at the UM SPH Department of Nutritional Sciences or alumni within 5 years of graduation. 

How many applicants do you accept each year?

We accept up to 30 applicants in 2 cohorts (regular and early-start). The early-start cohort is limited to 2 interns and will be available through Jan 2023 only.

Do you participate in the DICAS/computer match system?

If we do not fill our 30 spots during the pre-select process, we may then elect to participate in the spring match process.

How is your internship different from others?

The UM SPH Dietetic Internship Program has a community-based focus. That means that we put more emphasis on community-based nutrition care delivery and less emphasis on in-hospital clinical nutrition care than other programs. In addition, we provide a wide variety of opportunities to allow the intern to explore many potential career options rather than doing an in-depth experience in only one area of dietetics. 

Do you offer graduate credit for the internship?

No. All our interns already hold graduate degrees; we do not accept applicants holding only an undergraduate degree. This is a post-graduate program and you will not be considered a “student”. 

How many hours is your internship?

Approximately 1080. 

What is the cost?

Our current internship fee is $8000. This does not include housing, travel or meals. Please see our website for more information. 

Do you offer scholarships for the Dietetic Internship?

As a program we do not offer regular scholarships; however, small amounts of money may be made available each year by the Nutritional Sciences Department. This varies by year and is not guaranteed. Scholarships are available through the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics and the Michigan Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics each year.

What are some possible rotation options?

Each intern will spend time in in-patient clinical, out-patient clinical, long-term care, food service, WIC and other community settings. These include locations in SE Michigan within a 60 mile radius of Ann Arbor. In addition, interns are allowed and encouraged to seek out a 2-week elective rotation of their choice.

What is your RD exam pass rate?

The University of Michigan School of Public Health Dietetic Internship's five year average first-time pass rate for taking the RD exam is 85.8%, with a 100% pass rate within one-year of first attempt. 

What sort of jobs do your interns get offered after the internship?

Interns are offered and take positions all over the country in a variety of settings. Past interns are currently working in both in-patient and out-patient clinical settings, long-term care, in the health and wellness industry, as sports dietitians, in research and in private practice. Several have gone on to start their own companies or have opted to continue their education by obtaining a PhD.