How Do Hospitals Prepare for a Pandemic?

illustration of the COVID-19 coronavirus

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As coronavirus spreads in hotspots like New York City, New Orleans, Chicago and Detroit, hospitals are operationalizing their personnel and resources to meet the demands of caring for the sick. News coverage is sounding the alarm on supply shortages and overburdened health care workers. In the complex world of health care, how do hospitals prepare for and react to something like the coronavirus? David Hutton, associate professor of Health Management and Policy at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, discusses what's happening on the ground to take care of patients. 

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In This Episode

David HuttonDavid Hutton

Associate Professor, Health Management and Policy

David Hutton is an associate professor of Health Management and Policy with a background in economics, engineering, and health policy modeling. He is an expert in mathematical modeling of diseases and pandemic planning, and is interested in interventions with uncertain or complex outcomes. Learn more.


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