Courage and Commitment: Staffing for Crisis Care

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What's it like to manage health care systems and personnel during a global pandemic? And how can you mobilize and redeploy thousands of workers and set up hundreds of surge facilities across the nation in just a few weeks? For an inside view of how we are managing surge staffing during the COVID-19 pandemic, we connected with alum Kelly Rakowski, a national staffing solutions leader. She and her team are working across the country with organizations and with “hand raisers”—retired or out-of-work health care workers stepping forward to help fight the outbreak.

Listen to "Courage and Commitment: Staffing for Crisis Care 5.22.20" on Spreaker.

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In This Episode

Kelly RakowskiKelly Rakowski

Group President and Chief Operating Officer, Strategic Talent Solutions, AMN Healthcare

Kelly Rakowski is group president and COO for Strategic Talent Solutions at AMN Healthcare, the largest health care solutions and staffing organization in the US. She leads managed services, strategic sales, and account management teams, providing work force technology solutions and other strategic outsourcing solutions to a variety of clients. Read an article based on this podcast on the Michigan Public Health News Center and learn more about Rakowski in Leading Health Care in Disruptive Times.

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