Health Management and Policy

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Inequity in Health Care Delivery

In this episode of Population Healthy Season 3: Race, Inequity, and Closing the Health Gap, we talk with experts about how inequities occur in health care settings and how who you are can impact your quality of care. Research has found that people of color may not only have less access to health care, but that the quality of care they do receive may also be lesser, and they may even face discrimination from providers. All of these factors can lead to dangerous outcomes such as a reluctance to seek care, delayed treatment, or even misdiagnoses. Read more

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Mental Health on Campus: Reshaping Higher Ed to Help Students Thrive

Experts from the University of Michigan School of Public Health come together to assess the state of mental health on campuses nationwide and the ways higher education can reshape learning environments to nurture and empower diverse student populations, and in turn, set them up for healthy lives. Read more

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Mobile Health: Supporting Your Health Beyond the Clinic

Experts from the University of Michigan School of Public Health discuss how public health professionals are using mobile devices, smartphone apps, and texting to create health management plans, and the latest research on how technology can help improve the health of individuals and global populations. Read more

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Aging in America: Addressing the Complexities of Longer Lives and an Aging Population

With Americans living longer than ever before, how do we stay healthy as we get older? Experts from Michigan Public Health dive into the public health issues facing an aging population — from healthcare costs to alzheimer’s prevention, and the importance of our families and furry friends — and explore how we can ensure longer, happier, and healthier lives for all. Read more