Mobile Health: Supporting Your Health Beyond the Clinic

illustration of a mobile phone show a heart health monitoring app

How are public health professionals implementing mobile devices, smartphone apps, and texting to create health management plans?

Experts from the University of Michigan School of Public Health discuss the latest research on mobile health and how smartphones apps and texting programs can help improve the health of individuals and populations around the globe—from supporting smoking cessation programs to helping people manage their diabetes.

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In This Episode

Walter DempseyWalter Dempsey

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Michigan School of Public Health and Assistant Research Professor at the Institute for Social Research
Walter Dempsey’s research focuses on statistical methods for digital and mobile health. His current work involves three complementary research themes: experimental design and analytic methods to inform multi-stage decision making in health; statistical modeling of complex longitudinal and survival data; and statistical modeling of complex relational structures like interaction networks. Learn more.

John PietteJohn Piette

Professor of Health Behavior and Health Education at the University of Michigan School of Public Health
A global leader in innovation for chronic disease self-management support, John Piette’s work focuses on improving access to quality self-management support among patients with a variety of chronic conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, and chronic pain. His work includes developing mobile health interventions designed to improve patient health monitoring and assistance with behavior changes. Learn more.

Nicolle MarinecNicolle Marinec

Associate Managing Director, Center for Managing Chronic Disease (CMCD) at the University of Michigan School of Public Health and VA Ann Arbor

Nicolle Marinec has coordinated the development efforts of the CMCD’s integrated mobile health platform for over 13 years, helping investigators and clinicians develop patient outreach and support programs in the United States and globally throughout Latin America, Europe and Thailand. One area of Marinec’s expertise is leveraging Omni-channel, including tools like Interactive Voice Response (automated telephone calls), SMS (text messaging), chat bots and web-portals to design tailored programs for researchers and clinicians while being mindful of culture and literacy to design appropriate tools.



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