PHAST is open to masters and PhD level students in good academic standing within UM SPH.  PHAST accepts applications during the first 2 weeks of each term. Applications are open at the beginning of each term.  This year, PHAST will be providing virtual opportunities to work with community-based organizations, health departments, and the University of Michigan in addition to virtual workshops, training, and speaker events.  Completion of the application does not guarantee admission. 

Full membership is required in order to participate in community-based projects. This requires admission, attendance at new member orientation, and completion of all required training. Certain projects will require additional training and/or proof of competency. 


To apply for the Fall 2022 PHAST Cohort, click here.  

 Required Training

To register for CITI, click the "register" button and search for "University of Michigan" under the "Select Your Organization Affiliation" heading. Select "Student Researcher-Graduate Level" for your profile to find your required courses. The following CITI modules must be completed before engaging in community-based projects:

History and Ethical Principles (ID: 936)

Defining Research with Human Subjects (ID: 15029)

Federal Regulations for Protecting Research Subjects (ID: 937)

Assessing Risk (ID: 15034)

Informed Consent (ID: 938)

Privacy and Confidentiality (ID: 15035)

Research with Children (ID: 15036)

Internet-Based Research - SBE (ID: 510)

Unanticipated Problems and Reporting Requirements in Social and Behavioral Research (ID: 14928)

Populations in Research Requiring Additional Considerations and/or Protections (ID: 16680)

Records-Based Research (ID: 5)

Cultural Competence in Research (ID: 15166)

If specific modules do not appear, please remove the course and re-enroll. If that does not work, contact