Northfield Human Services Communication Plan

background on northfield human services

Northfield's Human Services (NHS) provides social services, including, but not limited to, access to health care, food, and transportation, or assistance with access to these services, in an empowering and respectful way to the residents of Northfield Township and the greater Whitmore Lake area who face challenges due to low income, older age, disabilities, or other special needs and disadvantages. 

Our students created a communication plan in an aim to provide recommendations on
improving the visibility of their services to community members of Northfield Township and the greater Whitmore Lake area. The communication plan is composed of recommended activities that are intended to reach low-income individuals, families, and seniors that could benefit from the
services NHS provides.

Having the opportunity to work with Northfield’s Human Services (NHS) to draft a communication plan was an incredibly rewarding experience. Working on this project enabled myself, and my fellow teammates, to coordinate with the NHS board members to set expectations and determine areas of focus. As the intent of the activities listed within the communication plan were to reach low-income individuals, families, and seniors with inequitable access to certain media types, our team had the opportunity to explore less frequented means of community outreach. In doing so, we actively engaged in communication with local organizations to facilitate future collaboration with NHS. The completion of the final product for this project was particularly fulfilling for our team as the result provided a plan intended to ultimately increase health equity in the community NHS serves. - Chelsi Preuc, MPH Candidate (Epidemiology)

overview of project

The NHS Communication Plan is broken into 7 main different sections, representing a different avenue Northfield Human Services could expand to. 

1. Public School Districts
2. Northfield Township Area Library: Community resource 
3. Bus and other Transportation Advertisement
4. Radio Advertisement
5. Washtenaw County Health Department 
6. Northfield Township Community Center 
7. Local Events

For more information, check out the report.