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PUBHLTH200: Health and Society: Introduction to Public Health

  • Undergraduate level
  • Residential
  • Fall, Winter term(s) for residential students;
  • 4 credit hour(s) for residential students;
  • Instructor(s): Emily Youatt (Residential);
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Advisory Prerequisites: Introductory chemistry lecture and introductory biology lecture.
  • Description:

    This course is intended to serve as an introduction to the major issues of public health with a focus on the United States, although global health issues are considered as well. We will examine what those issues are, what determines them, and how they can be altered. As a survey of the entire field of public health, the course provides a broad overview for students wishing no more than an introduction to the field, as well as good grounding for students who wish to pursue additional coursework in public health.

    The winter term offering is a blended learning course. It combines online content and activities with face-to-face learning.

  • Learning Objectives: To give undergraduates a good understanding of what is really important in public health, what determines health, and how society influences health.
  • Syllabus for PUBHLTH200
Emily Youatt