Courses Taught by Wei Perng

NUTR596: Precision Nutrition Within A Lifecourse Epidemiological Framework

  • Graduate level
  • Online MPH only
  • This is a second year course for Online students
  • Winter term(s) for online MPH students;
  • 3 credit hour(s) for online MPH students;
  • Instructor(s): Wei Perng (Online MPH);
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Advisory Prerequisites: NUTR595
  • Description: Metabolic heterogeneity, or differences in metabolism, drives need for precision nutrition. In this course, we will learn about sources of metabolic heterogeneity and ways in which precision nutrition addresses this phenomenon across the life course.
  • Learning Objectives: -Define precision nutrition and explain how precision/personalized nutrition differs from the traditional field of nutrition and dietary assessment -Identify biological, behavioral, and environmental sources of metabolic heterogeneity -Apply lifecourse epidemiology conceptual frameworks to the study of metabolic heterogeneity
Wei Perng