Computing Resources

Members of the Biostatistics department have several options available to them for compute intensive tasks.

Student Computing Labs

The Biostatistics Student Computing Laboratory is located in room M4048A. This room contains UNIX workstations and PCs. It is for the exclusive use of Biostatistics graduate students (MPH, MS, and PhD) and students taking Biostatistics classes.

Copies of introductory instructions for programs on the Biostatistics Network are available outside the Biostatistics Computing Laboratory, along with SAS, S+, etc., manuals. The manuals must remain in the laboratory at all times.

The University of Michigan computing system consists of central facilities on North Campus with clusters of computers at several locations on north and central campus, including one in the basement of the School of Public Health Building II. You will need your MCard to gain access to this site.

Departmental Cluster

The Department of Biostatistics provides a high performance computing cluster for faculty, students and researchers. We currently have 51 nodes with a total of 836 physical cores available. The cluster is managed with the Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management (SLURM).

University Cluster

Advanced Research Computing Technology Services runs a High Performance Computing cluster environment for researchers at the University of Michigan and their collaborators. Access to this cluster (known as FLUX) requires the purchase of an allocation on a per month per core basis. Please contact to request an allocation.