Biostatistics Ph.D. Program

Ph.D. Student Directory (listing optional)

Requirements of the Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. degree requires successful completion of:


  1. Core courses
  2. Electives in Biostatistics and Statistics
  3. Epidemiology requirement
  4. Public health requirement (Foundations of Public Health Practice, online non-credit course). Students with an MPH from a CEPH-accredited institution are exempt.
  5. Electives in a cognate area
  6. Approaches to the Responsible Practice of Biostatistics (BIOS 810)
  7. Qualifying Examinations in Theory and Applications


  1. Presentation of proposal for research including an extensive literature review
  2. Research
  3. Writing of the dissertation
  4. Oral defense of the dissertation

After successful completion of coursework and the Qualifying Examinations, the student is advanced to candidacy and begins work on his/her dissertation.


Students entering with a relevant master's degree in biostatistics or statistics are likely to have completed several of the courses required for the Ph.D. program. For this reason, we outline two programs of study: one for students with a relevant master's degree and one for students without a relevant master's degree. Each student should determine the details of the program of study after consultation with his/her faculty advisor.

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