CRDSA Alumni Testimonials

MS. in Clinical Research & Statistical Analysis (On Job/On Campus Program) Graduates' testimonials

Julajak Limsrivilai, MD., MS.

Assistant professor, Hepatology and Gastroenterology, Siriraj hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
Graduation Year: 2017 

"This program has increased my skill in conducting research a lot. Now I am able to continue my work well because I can design do research and solve the problems I have in my clinical practice by myself".

Adeeb Bulkhi, MD., MS. 

Assistant professor  at Department of Internal Medicine, Umm Al Qura University, Mecca, Saudi Arabia and adjunct faculty at Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Allergy and Immunology, University of South Florida. 
Graduation year: 2017 

"OJOC took me to the next level of research from just a participator to designer and analyst. Its flexibility made it possible even with busy working schedule".

Kenneth J. Woodside, MD, MS.

Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Michigan
Graduation Year: 2015

"OJOC was a game-changer.  With the statistical training, I was able to reinvent and reinvest in my academic career, and now I am an active investigator with the USRDS."

Kate Maturen, MD., MS. 

Associate Professor of Radiology and Abdominal Radiology Fellowship Director, University of Michigan 
Graduation Year: 2015 

"OJOC was transformative for my career.  As a philosophy major in college, I had no quantitative background for clinical research and after a few years on faculty I was very frustrated by the quality of my output.  OJOC enabled me to design studies more appropriately, perform my own analysis for most projects, and now mentor and consult with others on statistical methods relevant to imaging research.  It was a challenge to make the time to do it, but I am extremely glad that I did!  I would recommend OJOC to anyone who is serious about deepening their understanding of clinical research methods and gaining facility with biostatistics".

Krishna Rao, MD., MS. 

Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan 
Graduation Year: 2015 

"OJOC gave me the solid foundation in biostatistics and clinical research design that I needed to progress in my career. Because of what I learned in OJOC, I was able to design and conduct the analyses for my own clinical studies, and I was able to write the grants to support them. Now I am an independently-funded, tenure track junior faculty member that is primarily a team scientist, where I bring the clinical research expertise I learned in OJOC to the team. For various projects, I lead teams of microbial ecologists, data scientists, clinicians, and/or trainees at various levels to develop biomarker-based predictive models of infections, better understand the gut microbiome, and conduct clinical trials testing different treatment approaches".

Eishi Asano, MD., MS. 

Professor, Pediatrics & Neurology, Wayne State University. Director, Neurodiagnostics, Children's Hospital of Michigan. 
Graduation year: 2007. 

"The statistical skills acquired in the OJOC CRDSA program at the University of Michigan has helped me a lot in securing research funding for the past decade. The lectures on analysis of repeated measurements' provided me, a physician-neuroscientist, with the knowledge needed for generation of our novel multi-dimensional functional brain maps, which animate the neural dynamics supporting cognitive functions."

Preeti Malani, MD., MS.

Infectious diseases, Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, University of Michigan, Chief Health Officer, Associate Editor, JAMA
Graduation Year: 2007

"OJOC was busy and rigorous but I learned skills I could not have any other way. The solid foundation in clinical trials design, biostatistics and epidemiology has served me well as a researcher and an editor.  OJOC is an investment that continues to pay dividends--one of the best professional decisions I've made."