Health Data Science Concentration

The Health Data Science concentration at the University of Michigan School of Public Health prepares students for the fast-growing data science industry through comprehensive multidisciplinary training. Students will work directly with faculty in the #1 ranked Department of Biostatistics to build the action-based quantitative and computational skills necessary to make a transformative impact in public health practice.

Students will build on the core of the Biostatistics Master of Science Degree and develop substantial knowledge of biomedical sciences and public health, big data analytics and computing skills, and statistical modeling and analysis.

Health Data Science Concentration

Gain Skills to Set Yourself Apart in a Growing Industry

Students will gain action-based data analysis experiences on various omics data, brain imaging data, electronic health records, and mobile health. Learning to use R software and Python in Spark or Hadoop-distributed computing systems to analyze health-related big data, students will have the opportunity to work directly with faculty to develop and practice their real-world data analysis skills.  

Life After Graduation

Graduates from the Health Data Science concentration are very competitive in the data science job market, especially related to large-scale health data. This concentration is designed to provide students with marketable skills to help them enter and thrive in the workforce immediately.

Course Information

In addition to the existing core and elective courses in the Master of Science or PhD programs, the Health Data Science concentration features four core courses and five elective courses. Some of these courses are part of the current Master of Science program courses and some are new courses designed specifically for the Health Data Science concentration. Two of the four core courses replace required courses for the traditional MS degree (BIOS 653: Applied Statistics III – Longitudinal Data Analysis and BIOS 699: Analysis of Biostatistical Investigations).

Admissions Information

Students must be admitted to the Master of Science or PhD program in the University of Michigan School of Public Health's Department of Biostatistics. Once admitted, students will declare their intention to pursue the Health Data Science concentration at the end of their first year, by the end of May.

Have Questions?

For more information about the Health Data Science concentration, contact one of our graduate program coordinators.

Fatma Nedjari

Phone: 734-615-9812

Nicole Fenech

Phone: 734-615-9817