Post-Doctoral Fellows

Kristi AllgoodKristi Allgood, PhD, MPH
Structural racism, Vicarious racism, Health equity, Legal epidemiology, Police misconduct, social determinants of health, social aspects of chronic and infectious diseases

Leanna DelheyLeanna Delhey, PhD, MPH
Neighborhoods, Social Determinants of Health, Stroke Outcomes, Cardiovascular Health

Lisbeth Iglesias-RiosLisbeth Iglesias-Ríos, PhD, MPH, MA
Migration, labor exploitation, forced labor, modern slavery and health inequities

Colleen MacCallum-BridgesColleen MacCallum-Bridges, PhD, MS
Women's health, pregnancy health, health equity, public policy

Katherine McLeanKatherine McLean, PhD
Climate change and infectious disease dynamics, multi-parasite framework, SARS-CoV-2, zoonoses, vector-borne diseases

Minh Tung PhungMinh Tung Phung, PhD, MPH
Cancer epidemiology, risk prediction, cancer prevention and treatment, global health, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer.

Soomin RyuSoomin Ryu, PhD
Racial and ethnic health disparities, Health effects of policy, Social determinants of health

ashly westrickAshly Westrick
Social epidemiology, health disparities, cancer, aging, cognitive aging, neighborhoods