Courses Details

EPID592: Introduction to Spatial Epidemiology and GIS for Public Health

  • Graduate level
  • Online MPH only
  • This is a second year course for Online students
  • Fall term(s) for online MPH students;
  • 4 credit hour(s) for online MPH students;
  • Instructor(s): Peter Larson, Jonathan Zelner, (Online MPH);
  • Offered Every Fall
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Advisory Prerequisites: None
  • Description: In this class, students will be exposed to the conceptual foundations of spatial analysis in public health and will develop familiarity with spatial data manipulation and visualization using GIS software.’
  • Learning Objectives: 1. Develop familiarity with the historical and conceptual foundations of modern spatial epidemiology. 2. Learn about the different types of spatial data used in epidemiology and public health. 3. Obtain, load, and visualize spatial datasets using ArcGIS Online.
Jonathan Zelner
Concentration Competencies that EPID592 Allows Assessment On
Department Program Degree Competency Specific course(s) that allow assessment
Population and Health Sciences MPH Compare population health indicators across subpopulations, time, and data sources PUBHLTH515, BIOSTAT592, EPID590, EPID592, EPID643, BIOSTAT595, BIOSTAT501