Courses Details

PUBHLTH501: Developing Public Health Solutions

  • Graduate level
  • Residential
  • Winter term(s) for residential students;
  • 6 credit hour(s) for residential students;
  • Instructor(s): Sharon Kardia (Residential);
  • Prerequisites: NONE
  • Advisory Prerequisites: NONE
  • Description: How do we decide what form of intervention might best address a given public health issue? How do we develop a plan to advocate for a public health intervention? In this course, you will build on your investigation of your team’s public health issue during the fall semester to consider how to develop a culturally-sensitive and effective solution to their team’s problem, whether it be a behavioral, environmental, or policy-based intervention to promote health equity. You will additionally conduct formative research on the need for the intervention, consult key stakeholders and interprofessional experts, and create a plan to evaluate and advocate for their proposed intervention using theories and evidence-based strategies. Your learning will be supported by a series of formative assessments, including quizzes, reflections, case studies, and response papers. The semester’s work will culminate in each team completing a program plan, an authentic summative assessment that showcases students’ learning over the course of the semester.
  • Learning Objectives: See syllabus
Sharon Kardia