Program Domains

 Summarize the history and philosophy of public health, as well as its core values, concepts, and functions in societies across the globe

 Explain the basic concepts, methods and tools of public health data collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination and demonstrate how data are used to inform public health practice

Identify the core concepts, and basic processes, approaches, and interventions of population health that address health-related needs and concerns of populations

Explain the underlying sciences of human health and disease including opportunities for promoting and protecting health across the life course

Describe the environmental, socioeconomic, behavioral, nutritional, biological, and other determinant factors that impact human health status with particular attention to inequities in and among populations

Apply the fundamental concepts and features of program planning, implementation, assessment or evaluation to improve individual and community health

Describe the fundamental characteristics, structures, and current issues of public health and health care systems in the US and across the globe

Explain the problems and current issues related to health and health care in the US and globally and infer potential solutions

Illustrate the basic concepts of effective and persuasive public health communication through multiple modalities, including technical and professional writing and the use of mass media and electronic technology.

 Apply problem-solving skills to develop critical, innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to improving the public’s health