Enrich Your Education with a Hands-on Professional Experience

Some undergraduate students at the University of Michigan School of Public Health choose to participate in internships during the spring/summer to learn about the public health profession from observation and participation. 

Internships are not a requirement of the public health program and are often volunteer or paid experiences. 

Receiving credit for an internship is less common because students participate in internships in spring/summer term, so receiving credit would require the student to pay tuition for the experience. 

Since internships are not a requirement of the public health program, we do not match students with an internship position. However, there are resources that can help the student find an internship. Students can search for internship opportunities on the Michigan Public Health Careers Portal, a resource available to current students. In addition, all University of Michigan-Ann Arbor students can search for internships on the University Career Center’s job and internship database called Handshake