Before beginning the bachelor’s degree program you must complete the prerequisite courses and have a minimum of 54 transferable credits. However, students attending institutions that do not offer equivalents of PUBHLTH 200 and STATS 250 will be given full consideration for admission. If admitted the student will have the opportunity to take these courses in their first semester at Michigan Public Health. External transfer students can learn more about how credits transfer here.

Applicants who complete all required coursework before application review begins (February of each year) will be most competitive for admission. All applications will be reviewed and considered for admission, even if the applicant is currently enrolled in or has not yet completed the prerequisite courses.

Prerequisite Courses

The following coursework is required for admission to the undergraduate program. The prerequisites must be fulfilled by courses taken for college credit (no AP courses) and students must earn a C- or better to fulfill the requirement (no pass/fail)*.

  • Health and Society: Introduction to Public Health (PUBHLTH 200)*
  • Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis (STATS 250)*
  • Fulfill the First Year Writing Requirement
  • A minimum of three credits in Social Sciences and Humanities OR Creative Expression (as defined by UM LSA)
  • A minimum of three credits in approved Life Sciences coursework.
    • A list of accepted Life Sciences courses offered at U-M Ann Arbor can be found here
    • Students taking a Life Sciences course at another U.S. college or university should look for courses that focus on the study of life and organisms. Recommended accepted courses include those in anatomy, anthropology, biology (cellular, developmental, evolutionary and molecular), ecology, histology, immunology, and physiology. Courses in chemistry and physics will not be accepted.
    • For questions about acceptable courses please email

*Courses taken outside the University of Michigan will only transfer if a grade of C or better was earned. Therefore, external transfer students must earn a C or better in the prerequisite courses. 

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