Students seeking the public health undergraduate degree can choose to pursue a BachelorofScience (BS) in Public Health Sciences, or a Bachelorofthe Arts(BA) in Community and Global Public Health.

Public Health Sciences

The main focus of this concentration is to prepare students for future training in the health sciences, such as medicine, dentistry, nursing, kinesiology, pharmacy, and social work, or to continue at the graduate level in public health disciplines including epidemiology, environmental health sciences, and data sciences. This concentration will help students prepare for post-baccalaureate health sciences studies within a liberal arts and sciences framework. The curriculum will insure that students meet other pre-health requirements. Students will gain an understanding of the natural history of infectious and chronic diseases, their environmental and biological origins, and their distributions among populations.

Community and Global Public Health

The focus of this concentration is on the complex interplay of cultural, ethical, social, economic, political, and social justice forces that shape human health globally and locally. Students will gain an understanding of key determinants of health from a socio-ecological perspective, and explore socio-economic, behavioral, biological, environmental, and other factors that impact human health and contribute to health disparities. Students will investigate approaches to addressing major public health concerns with cultural humility within the constraints of limited resources and health infrastructure. They will also examine various ways in which information on key determinants can be applied to inform public health policy and practice, including an introduction to the fundamental concepts and features of project planning, assessment, and evaluation.