Ph.D. Student Profile

Stephen  Salerno, BS, MS

Stephen Salerno, BS, MS

  • Doctoral Candidate
  • Cognate: Biostatistics


  • MS, Biostatistics, University of Michigan (2018)
  • BS, Biometry and Statistics, Cornell University (2016)

Research Interests & Projects

My research centers on statistical methodology and its applications to clinical quality measure development, health policy, and global public health. I work primarily on quality measure aggregation and public reporting, with relevant methodological research in Bayesian factor models and rank-likelihood approaches for rating and comparing dialysis facilities. In the Kidney Epidemiology and Cost Center, I work on methods related to the Dialysis Facility Compare (DFC) Clinical Quality of Care Star Ratings. I am also interested in developing new methods for estimating joint densities for mixed data

Selected Publications

  • Isa F, Collins S, Lee MH, Decome D, Dorvil N, Joseph P, Smith L, Salerno S, Wells MT, Fischer S, Bean JM. (2018). Mass Spectrometric Identification of Urinary Biomarkers of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. EBioMedicine, 31, 157-165.
  • Liu J, Yu SB, Zeng XX, Yuan HH, Salerno S, Fu P. (2018). Clinical Characteristics of Pneumonia in Chinese Hemodialysis Patients. Chinese medical journal, 131(4), 498.
  • Liao YJ, Huang RS, Lai WJ, Liu F, Ma L, Xie YS, Salerno S, Li Y, Fu P. (2017). Effects of Cyclosporine A on the Development of Metanephros in the Pregnant BALB/c Mice. Chinese medical journal, 130(18), 2156.
  • Huang RS, Zhou JJ, Feng YY, Shi M, Guo F, Gou SJ, Salerno S, Ma L, Fu P. (2017). Pharmacological Inhibition of Macrophage Toll-like Receptor 4/Nuclear Factor-kappa B Alleviates Rhabdomyolysis-induced Acute Kidney Injury. Chinese medical journal, 130(18), 2163.
  • Salerno S, Mehrmohamadi M, Liberti MV, Wan M, Wells MT, Booth JG, Locasale JW. (2017). RRmix: A method for simultaneous batch effect correction and analysis of metabolomics data in the absence of internal standards. PloS one, 12(6), e0179530.